TV & Voiceover

After a baptism of fire as the North Korea ‘expert’ on James Corden’s World Cup Live, Anthony grabbed a job at satellite channel Ginx TV, where he was allowed to make any TV content he liked as long as it had a budget of under £50 and was about video games. He wrote and presented the comedy sports show Gamesport for three seasons, plus the channel’s flagship show The Blurb, which aired on Challenge TV. He has since presented Video Game Nation, and the cult hit The First Hour, which has a devoted fanbase.

Anthony is a seasoned voiceover artist, voicing radio promos as Stan for Stan James, comedy work for Dolby, content for ESPN, and over 500 hours of television for Ginx TV. 


The First Hour


Video Game Nation

Anthony presented two episodes of the popular Video Game Nation on Challenge TV. Here’s the FIFA episode.

The Blurb

Anthony was a features presenter on the Challenge TV show ‘The Blurb’ between 2011 – 2014, reporting from events, making comedy sketches and hosting the cult-favourite ‘Retro Attic’. Here are some highlights.