2013 – Present: ESPN

World Cup 2018 – Ballsupski  

Arguably the most ridiculous World Cup show on the internet, and certainly the most ridiculous World Cup show on ESPN. Anthony and Ian Fiveankles travelled through Russia with their brand new anti-fantasy football game Ballsupski, in which the worse your players do in a game, the better. The show featured phone-ins from footballers, guest characters, a public break-up, a near-death and the unofficial England World Cup song “We’re Going Home”, which spectacularly misjudged the mood of the nation. Episodes of Ballsupski regularly hit number one on ESPN’s site, with the show doing over 3 million views across the tournament.

Premier League In 90 Seconds (Plus Stoppages)

A weekly web-show on the Premier League, recapping what happened over the weekend through one liners, silly voices and the absurdity that is footballers on Twitter.

Topical Sports Comedy Sketches

Every month Anthony (as part of The Exploding Heads) writes and performs topical material around the world of football. Topics covered include an Introduction To VAR , A funeral for Arsene Wenger’s Coat  , and the stupidest items currently available in Premier League club shops 

Reviews Of The Month

A handy recap of all that happened in football that month.

The Football Agents

Anthony and Mark Davison take calls from their clients, who happen to be elite-level footballers.

2015 – Present: The First Hour, Ginx TV

For four years (2011-2015) Anthony worked as a presenter and voiceover artist for videogames channel Ginx TV, during which he pretended to know a lot about video games. Ever the detectives, Ginx soon smelled a rat. But instead of firing him, they gave him an hour long show in which it was his job to not know about video games AT ALL.

The First Hour sees Anthony and Adam Savage play the first hour of a new game or a recent classic, while talking any old nonsense that comes into their heads.

2012 – Present: The Exploding Heads

As part of comedy sketch group The Exploding Heads, Anthony has made content for SONY, Bloomberg, ESPN and The Guardian.